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An accessibility-focused AI Chrome extension that provides summarized read-aloud for Reddit comments tailored to vision-impaired users, or anyone who prefers a summary.

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The L in LLMs

Learn more about the training data sizes of popular LLMs (Large Language Models) in a fun and interactive way.

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Tracking Virus Dispersion

Much of my work recently has been focused on building a strong foundation in applying AI/ML to understand disease vectors better. For example, I've worked on a project using PyTorch to trace the geographic dispersion of viruses. To minimize the bias that was a result of a skewed dataset, I ran through multiple iterations of cross-validation and lasso models.

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Identifying Virus Mutations

I've created and graphed the result of multiple logistic regression models focused on different viruses using BioPython, GenBank, and the NCBI Multiple Sequence Alignment Viewer. Going deeper into the genomes of viruses has provided me with valuable experience in identifying mutations through nucleotides and codons.

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NCBI Multiple Sequence Alignment Viewer